Grace Assembly holds to the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible as the "preserved text" (“Which Translation is God’s Word”) and is printed in the right-hand column of each page of the online course. Sections entitled “FURTHER INSIGHT,” provide additional commentary to the original Copley and Bodie’s commentaries and have been provided by Gerald and Jolene Cooley, the founding and current Pastors of Grace Assembly. Comprehensive questions follow each chapter of the Bible to enhance student learning.  Answers to the questions are also provided for student self-correction. "SPECIAL STUDIES" provides more in-depth knowledge of topic studies as well as charts.  All studies and charts may also be found at Special Studies Library.  Links to "SPECIAL STUDIES" when relevant to the topic will also be provided in the right-hand column of the online course.

Study Helps:

  1. Online Courses contain verse-by-verse commentary, questions, and links to relevant special studies. 

  2. The Questions and Answers are available for all online courses. This will enable the student to self-correct their answers and enhance the learning process.

  3. Instructional Slides contain the same content as the online commentary. The information is presented in a concise bulleted PDF format including visual graphics, charts and questions and answers. The Instructional Slides may be taken as a course or reviewed after completing an online course. 

  4. PowerPoint Presentation Slides accompany each online course to aid a student or instructor in communicating the gospel to others. These presentations need to be downloaded and include talking points for teachers. This slide presentation contains the same information as the Instructional Slides in PDF.

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Paul's Epistles (Pre-course)

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Matthew 13 Parables

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New Courses in Development

  • Life of Elijah
  • Life of Elisha


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New Courses in Development

  • Seven Evil Kings
  • Golden Calf Worship







New Courses In Development

  • Acts
    I & II Corinthians
    Revelation Chapters 1-5