Welcome to Grace Assembly School of the Bible



Introduction to School of the Bible:

The Grace Assembly School of the Bible is designed to fill a unique place for learning the Word of God through providing online courses accompanied by additional study helps.  We believe offering simple verse-by-verse commentaries derived from years of personal Bible Studies through self-paced courses provide “sound doctrine” presented in a simple format.  Easy access to study aides will enhance the Bible students’ experience in learning the Word of God with special emphasis on the “Pauline Revelation” and the prophetic message of our day -- “Behold He Cometh.” Bible courses were formed by using selected portions from the commentaries of A.S. Copley or Mary M. Bodie, founders of Grace and Glory Fellowship.  Additional insights were provided by Gerald and Jolene Cooley, the founding and current Pastors at Grace Assembly. Please see our Statement of Faith.

The School of the Bible is a ministry of Grace Assembly and all courses and supporting materials are offered with unlimited access and without charge. (I Corinthians 9:18) “What is my reward then? Verily that, when I preach the gospel, I may make the gospel of Christ without charge, that I abuse not my power in the gospel.”

About Us:

Selected portions are from commentaries written by A.S. Copley and Mary M. Bodie, anointed ministers from the early 1900’s outpour of Holy Spirit along with added commentary from, Gerald and Jolene Cooley, the founding and current Pastors of Grace Assembly. We are not attempting to compete with online Bible courses offered by respected Bible Theologians who have acquired an in-depth knowledge of both Hebrew and the Greek texts as well as written informative commentaries. However, we do have a desire to reach the minds and hearts of those who sincerely desire a revelation-based knowledge of the Word of God communicated in the simplicity and ability of the Holy Spirit. Students will bear the ultimate burden of weighing our labors on the divine scales of that which “endureth”.


The online course curriculum is designed as a self-directed and self-paced learning course of study. The curriculum is a verse-by-verse format supported by relevant commentary. Questions and Answers, Special Studies including in-depth topical studies and charts, and PowerPoint instructional slides are available with each course.